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A more serious side of the fandom.

Hetalia Uncracked
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A more serious side of the fandom.

This community is dedicated to un-cracking Hetalia through fanfiction and art. Recommendations towards artists and writers you follow is just as welcome as posting your own work, so please go ahead and advertise your favorite serious artists/writers here. Prompts for topics or historical events you want to see written or drawn are also welcome.

1. Don't be an ass-hole. If you're not sure whether you might be being an ass-hole, you can always ask.
2. Please tag your posts for content.
3. Please put long posts behind cuts. A long post is, say, more than 5 times the height of your user-icon.
4. Please put images larger than 200px behind cuts.
5. Please label your writing or art with Title, Characters, Rating, Warnings (if there's something specifically upsetting), Summary and such.
May have more rules as we think of them. This is a newborn community.

We should probably have some definitions surrounding "crack" if we're going to dedicate a community to the absence there-of. So to start with, the Hetalia comic is pretty much straight-up "crack" in that it is unapologetically silly and makes no attempt to explain itself or fit into a realistic context. So in order to un-crack Hetalia within the fandom, you would need to give it reasons for being the way it is. You don't have to necessarily explain the mechanics of nation-tans to us or anything, but you probably need a better idea in your head when you're writing than "because it's funny." Even when writing fantasy, if there is a good reason for everything that happens or the way characters act, it can still seem real and get the reader emotionally-involved; that's the goal for the works posted in this community.

As far as needing a historical basis for a fic goes, I think there's a fair percentage of fics that just take place in a "contemporary" period or a future one and are well-done and not cracky. Unless they're an AU, they're probably going to have some political and cultural content, and the history is there, but not everything here has to be "historical fiction." Additionally, a non-crack story or picture does not have to be dark or sad. It can be happy; Life is not brutal and angsty all the time.

Alternate Universes are acceptable, so long as the Universe isn't cracky. Gakouen Hetalia tends to be pretty cracky, but if you want to take it on seriously, go ahead and try; it could be awesome. Nobody's going to yell at you for trying (because that would violate rule #1).

Unless you have a really damn good reason for it that's all logiced out and stuff, I think Mpreg pretty much always falls under the heading of crack. I'm not going to make any sweeping statement of "no Mpreg" because I have once seen an Mpreg fic (different fandom) that actually made sense and was logical, so to every rule there is an exception, I guess. Gender-swap has some more wiggle-room, it also tends by-in-large to be cracky, but I'm not going to outlaw if you want to try and do it seriously.

fictatious, aliquoten, and aoi_aka are the mods for this community. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the community, feel free to contact them.