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title: to end where we began
author: nefelokokkygia
series: axis powers hetalia
rating: g
notes: written for nordipalooza 2012 for the prompt 'sweden + iceland - cold water [medieval or modern]'. contains child-iceland and grown-up sweden, speculation on germania's family tree, gratuitous use of icelandic and swedish, norway is a good daddy, and enough existentialism to hopelessly drown in. it's been a long time since i've written anything under nc - 17; still got it!
alternate hosting: ao3

summary: little iceland has many questions, and sweden doesn't have the answers to all of them. but he'll try the best he can.

[“Livhjärtat. Life.”]

[FFN] Almost

Title: Almost

Author: iSaMs

Rating: T

Pairing: Austria-Hungary & Prussia-Hungary (Frying Pangle)

Warnings and Notes: Human AU, Hetero, Some Inappropriate Language


Chapter 1 Vignette: Even though how much I tried to tell myself that all sweet obsessions pass, the forlorn wish is too heavy that it falls back from the heavens and would hit me hard on the head, making me irrevocably bruised with longing and even more fondly besotted with the lovely young lady that I might not ever have.

Chapter 2 Vignette: Saying those words earlier whenever I would happen to bump into her at the gym, at the library, hallway, study, chemistry lab… wherever, it would have made a huge difference. Day after day, years ago, I would allow my bashfulness to let the chance pass away, let it be tomorrow until the day came that 'tomorrow' had belonged to someone else.


Disclaimer: I dont own Hetalia whatsoever and oh yes, definitely I'm a FAN. I don't own the image too, but if you're the creator and happen to see this, message me so I could credit you. I've only found this image on Tumblr and most of the users there don't link back to the original so I'm very sorry. The only thing I own here is the Shockwave Flash (.swf) edit and the fan fiction itself.

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz


Title: Welcome Back to the World, Iceland
Author: auroralsea/OnWithTheButter
Rating:  PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Iceland, Denmark, America, Norway, misc. characters only mentioned once
Warnings: none
Summary: December 1, 1918. Denmark asked for a sudden gathering of nations, he had something he needed to announce and wouldn't share details. Directly on the heels of the first world war, it seemed important, so it was taken with the utmost seriousness. What is the news? Oneshot on the independence of Iceland

under this fake cut

ffn version

[Fanfiction] Towards German Unity

Title: Towards German Unity
Author: Jemsquash
Beta: aoi-aka
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Genderbends, historical smut
Summary: In the summer of 1848 the Crown of German Emperor was offered to the Prussian King. It was (not) politely turned down, the German States being a mess at the time. Prussia himself has other ideas.
Notes: From the Kinkmeme with less porn and more historical accuracies!

Germany always withdrew to nurse her hurts in private. Unlike Prussia, who liked to spread his hurts out on as many people and nations as possible.Collapse )


[fic] Friends and Crocodiles

Title: Friends and Crocodiles
Author: Zalia Chimera
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Italy, England
Warnings: WW2, a bit of angst

Summary: Italy receieves a not entirely pleasant visit.

(Despite what people may think, Italy knows things, important things.)
title: god rest ye merry
author: [info]nefelokokkygia 
series: axis powers hetalia
pairing: austria/hungary/prussia
rating:  nc -17 (language+sexual content)
general notes: hetachristmas advent lightning challenge fic (original thread here), prompt was for gifts + the frying pangle at christmas; in which hungary gets a new frying pan, prussia receives some helpful fashion advice, austria is about 200 years late on a certain memo, and a threesome by the fire is the best present of them all.

summary: let nothing you dismay.

"Now now, boys, no male posturing allowed at the table,” Hungary chides with a smile. “Only I'm manly enough for that kind of behavior." )

[fanfic] there's a sad song in this

Title: there's a sad song in this
Author: sonofon
Pairing: sliiiight England/Hungary
Warning: war? About that.
Rating: T
Summary: [gen, WWII] Elizaveta can’t heal hearts but there’s always morphine.

How do you confront an inevitable ending? )
title: Der Tragödie erster Teil
author: leriacossato  @ ultio_ultionis 
character(s): Prussia ; Hungary
rating: PG-13
warning(s): none
summary: Musings on life and dealing with the devil.
notes: This will probably make no sense unless you have a vague knowledge of the Mitte district of central Berlin. Also, I don’t know what this is about. I really don’t. Maybe you could tell me?

( ❝ How wonderful it would be to be young. ❞ )

title: on the theory of the universe
author: nefelokokkygia 
series: axis powers hetalia
pairing: england/fem!england
rating: nc - 17 (sexual content)
general notes: kink meme de-anon (original fill here); prompt was 'het pairing, sex as part of a religious/magic ritual'; being the paganism/wicca/general mystical cool stuff geek that I am, I had to write this, especially since it asked for het. assumes england and his feminine counterpart are teenagers/young adults at the time, and throws in just enough historical background to make it seem like something mildly plausible and not just made up out of thin air; takes place sometime in the late 6th century, mixes in/modeled after a few different paganistic belief systems, with some wicca and arthurian legend thrown in with a pinch of my own original content for kicks; also heavily influenced and inspired by neale donald walsch's conversations with god trilogy (read it!).

summary: existence is a rainbow looped 'round, where all is nothing is everything in-between and where beginning meets end is nowhere to be found.

('this belltaine eve as I burn, year wheel take another turn; fire flame and fire bright, bless us on this belltaine night.')